Quality wheel balancing & alignment services for a smoother drive

Is your car veering to the side, then it’s time for a wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment Services in Portsmouth & Petersfield

Unaligned wheels are more than just annoying, they can be costly. Did you know that poorly aligned wheels result in greater fuel consumption and faster wear on your tyres? At P.E.T.S., we specialise in fast and effective wheel alignment to keep your car performing at its best. Visit our Portsmouth or Petersfield garages for expert wheel alignment services.

Wheel alignment

Why wheel alignment matters

Correct wheel alignment and balancing is vital to the performance of your car. Over time, wheels can sometimes become unaligned, resulting in quicker wear and tear and trickier road handling. At P.E.T.S., our wheel alignment service helps to reduce fuel consumption and minimise wear in tyres by aligning your wheels with precision. Our Portsmouth garage offers the latest in wheel alignment technology with the Hofmann computerised 4-wheel alignment equipment, making sure that your cars’ wheels are adjusted to the millimetre.

How can it help?

As your wheels spin at high speeds when driving, small differences in weight have a big impact on the wear and tear of your tyres, as well as your fuel consumption. When you book in for a wheel balancing, our professionals align your wheels with precision for a better quality ride, greater fuel economy and enhanced tyre life.

Wheel balancing

Have your wheels checked by experts.