Fast shock and suspension diagnostics

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Reliable services for shock absorbers and suspensions

At P.E.T.S., we boast decades of experience in the diagnostics, repair and replacement of shock and suspension systems. Specialising in fast and accurate problem solving, we help to get you back on the road quickly. For reliable expertise, advice and services when to comes to suspension parts and shock absorbers, you can chat with our Portsmouth or Petersfield team at P.E.T.S. today.

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Expert advice and services on suspension parts

Shock absorbers and suspension parts make all the difference to the comfort of your drive. As we spend more time on the roads, suspension problems need to be taken care of early before they become worse. Our Portsmouth and Petersfield teams specialise in providing shock absorber and suspension repairs, allowing for a smoother, safer and more efficient drive.

Quality maintenance, repairs and replacements

It can be hard to get down to the bottom of problem when it comes to your shock absorbers and suspension parts. At P.E.T.S., we specialise in the diagnostics, maintenance, repairs and replacements of absorbers and suspension. We carry out work on air and oil filled shock absorbers, suspension struts, coil springs, steering mechanisms and more to find and resolve the issue quickly.

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