Car battery replacements and diagnostics in Portsmouth and Petersfield

Whether you’ve left your lights on overnight or can’t figure out why your car won’t start, P.E.T.S. is here to help. Our Portsmouth and Petersfield professionals offer expert auto battery services, including fast and reliable car battery replacements. We will help you get out of sticky situations so you can keep moving. With our range of car batteries including AGM batteries and EFB batteries, you can be sure that we will the what’s right for your vehicle.

Fix a flat battery fast

We offer quick battery replacements to keep you moving.

checking car battery

Auto battery warning signs

Our Portsmouth and Petersfield P.E.T.S. teams have seen it all. From trouble starting cars to random failures, auto batteries put out warning signs that something is wrong. If you’re experiencing trouble with your car battery, we’ll get onto the job fast. We offer quick car battery replacements so you won’t be left stranded roadside.

Quick and easy battery replacements

At P.E.T.S., we make battery replacements simple. Our experts source the right battery for you fast, offering hassle-free fitting according to your onboard engine management and computer systems. Simply sit back and wait for your car battery replacement and enjoy a longer lasting and more reliable battery.

checking car battery

Need your flat battery taken care of?