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A catalytic converter is part of your exhaust system. It turns carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into carbon dioxide and water. Fitted in all cars made after the late 1980s, catalytic converters have a great impact on air quality. At P.E.T.S., our Portsmouth and Petersfield team specialise in fast catalytic converter repair to keep your car running in the most eco-friendly way.

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With garages in Portsmouth and Petersfield, the P.E.T.S. offers fast and responsive catalytic converter repair services. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a faulty catalytic converter, book your car in for a repair service. For diesel cars, we offer diesel particulate filter services to remove soot and particles, minimising thick and sooty waste. Enjoy a 2-year guarantee on exhaust services for peace of mind.

Protecting and safeguarding the environment

When your catalytic converter is broken, your car emits toxic and poisonous fumes into the air. This takes a great toll on the air quality around your car as you drive, as well as the space in which your car is garaged. By keeping your catalytic converter operational, you reduce your carbon footprint and the toxicity of your car’s exhaust fumes.

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