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Portsmouth and Petersfield’s tyre checker

When was the last time you had your tyres checked? At P.E.T.S., our Portsmouth and Petersfield team provide high-quality tyre checker services, assessing everything from your tyre pressure to general wear and tear. Our tyre checker services allow us to quickly identify any issues with your tyres, such as unbalanced wheels or punctures and damage.

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Enhanced safety for you and your passengers

Inarguably the most important aspect of all tyre services and maintenance, safety comes first at P.E.T.S. garages. We thoroughly assess and repair your tyres, looking closely for punctures, uneven wear, unexpected damages and issues that may cause safety concerns. Well-maintained and reliable tyres mean a safer and smoother ride for you and your passengers.

A smoother and more balanced drive

If driving seems a little bumper or more laboured than usual, our tyre checker services can identify why. We then work to resolve your tyre issues, from puncture repairs and unaligned wheels to complete replacements. You’ll leave with high quality tyres for a smoother, safer and more balanced drive in all road conditions. At our Portsmouth garage, our Hofmann computerised 4-wheel alignment equipment will make sure that your tyres and wheels are setup right to your cars’ specification and ensure a smooth and safe ride.

We also have a variety of offers available on tyres.

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