Attentive exhaust services from local experts

Strange noises coming from your exhaust? Get it checked out.

Reliable Exhaust Repair & Replacement in Portsmouth and Petersfield

If you’re hearing rattling, chugging or strange noises coming from your exhaust pipe, book your car into a P.E.T.S. garage as soon as possible. We’re located in Portsmouth and Petersfield and provide high-quality car exhaust repairs and replacements. Our professionals examine, replace and repair exhaust pipes for a safer, smoother and more efficient drive.

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Car Exhaust Repairs

Don’t ignore your car exhaust until it’s too late. For many drivers, car exhaust pipes come last when it comes to checking and inspecting their cars. Mounted under your vehicle, your car exhaust is splashed, scratched and accumulates dirt, all resulting in the deterioration of its condition. If your exhaust is playing up, book your car in to see one of our Portsmouth or Petersfield mechanics.

Our range of car exhaust pipes

At P.E.T.S., we stock a range of car exhaust pipes and are able to source alternative ones quickly. Each car exhaust we supply and fit comes with a 2-year guarantee for added peace of mind. This guarantee extends to fittings, mounting rubbers and clamps, allowing you to drive with confidence and assurance.

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Fix sputtering or strange exhaust sounds fast.