Premium Tyres in Portsmouth & Petersfield

We offer unparalleled expertise in a variety of tyres.

Tyre Fittings & Supply

Our tyre centres in Portsmouth and Petersfield provide a reliable same-day tyre service and offer tyre fittings, tyre repairs, replacements and a wide range of tyre brands to choose from. With decades of experience, our tyre specialists can replace and diagnose a range of car tyres quickly and efficiently and provide expert tyre services for a range of car tyres to ensure your tyres are in top condition and safe on the road.

For expert advice and unbeatable tyre services, get in touch with the specialists at P.E.T.S. today.

Specialist Car Tyre Services from Expert Mechanics

Keep your car’s performance and safety in peak condition with tyre servicing at P.E.T.S. We specialise in providing a range of quality tyre servicing, from tyre fittings and tyre repairs and wheel balancing. Book your car in at our Portsmouth or Petersfield garages for expert care on all things tyres.

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