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Regular car repair and servicing can increase the performance and life of your car.

Reliable Car Service in Portsmouth and Petersfield

In between having your MOT, regular car servicing will increase the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. At P.E.T.S our car service in Portsmouth is fast and reliable, keeping your car repair-free and running smoothly. Unlike an MOT, a professional service follows manufacturer guidelines to ensure that your car is up to standard and roadworthy. Why not get acquainted with our friendly team?

A Car Service That You Can Rely On

Finding a reliable car service garage can be tricky, but for those searching for ‘full car service near me’ P.E.T.S is the trustworthy centre in Portsmouth that you need. Our multi-check service will offer an in-depth look at your vehicle including brake checks, shock absorbers, oil and filter checks and the suspension. Prevent complicated issues from occurring and minimise ongoing maintenance with our car service appointments today.

Bronze Silver Gold
10pt 30pt 45pt
Check wheel alignment
Check horn
Check lights
Check wiper and washer operation
Check wiper blades
Lubricate all locks and hinges
Check function of all shocks absorbers
Check and top up radiators/antifreeze strength
Check all hoses for leakage/damage
Check air con temperature/operation
Check and top up washer bottle
Check and top up brake/clutch master cylinder
Check and top up power steering fluid
Check and adjust fan belt/tensioners
Check battery condition grease terminals
Check output of alternator
Check new spark plugs and check leads/coils
Check fuel cap seal
Fit new air filter
New oil filter
Change engine oil
Check seat belts, mountings and seat security
Check brake fluids for contamination
Check exhaust for corrosion, conditions, etc.
Check car under body for corrosion/damage
Check wheel bearings and adjust
Remove wheels and check for damage
Check tyre wear and pressure, including spares
Check shock absorbers for leaks/damage
Check front suspension mounting bushes
Check rear suspension mounting bushes
Check steering joints and bushes
Check drive shaft CV gaiters
Check drive shaft couplings/abs ring
Check brake pedal operation
Check front and rear brake pads/shoes
Check front and rear brake discs/drums
Check front and rear brake callipers/cylinders
Check front and rear brake clips/springs
Check brake adjusters
Check hand brake operation linkage cable
Check brake pipes and hoses
Check brake servo/operation
Check clutch operation/cable/pipes
Carry out full road test and report

Bronze Service 10 Point Service from £59,99

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Silver Service 30 Point Service from £79,99

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Gold Service 45 Point Service from £99,99

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